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Serrano Salsa Recipes

Using serrano peppers in salsa isn't nearly as popular as using jalapenos but the serrano peppers have their own unique flavor and normally pack more of a kick. Serrano salsa is less understood but results in a very flavorful and hot salsa. Serrano peppers are used in many guacamole recipes as well. The serrano peppers add a lot of heat but are also very flavorful.

Recipes use many techniques to get the heat and taste of the peppers into the serrano salsa. The two most common are to roast the serrano peppers in the oven or on the grill to add a charred, smokey flavor. The other common method is to blend the serrano peppers in a blender with the other ingredients.

You can also dice or slice the serranos and add them (like is common in guacamole), use a serrano hot sauce, deep fry them or even add them whole. All those methods add a unique flavor to each serrano salsa recipe.

For a medium heat salsa, you can always make a jalapeno salsa recipe instead of using the serrano peppers.

Serrano Salsa Recipes

Salsa verde close

Serrano Salsa Verde Recipe

A traditional serrano salsa in mexican and southwestern cooking, salsa verde is a tangy green sauce. It can be made with any green chile pepper but using serranos provides a great kick while still letting the flavor of the other ingredients come through.
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